Women's Ministry

BeLoved Women's Ministry

A company of women of all ages and backgrounds drenched in authenticity and bathed in God's Love.

BeLoved is a community of those seeking authenticity amidst a culture demanding perfection. We strive to be a refuge where women will be encouraged to thrive and experience the overwhelming depths of God's love, no matter where they are in life. BeLoved is a place where you can connect with others, share your story, and be reminded that you are chosen, you are forgiven, and you are BeLoved.


Several times a year we gather as a sisterhood to experience intimate worship, teaching, and empowerment, to meet new friends and have fun! During these events, God's love will cause you to be transformed, have your heart refreshed and your soul recharged. You will experience freedom so that you can confidently influence your families and the world around you.

BeLoved Women's Conference

The BeLoved Women's Conference will be a spectacular event full of worship, teaching, inspiration, fun, and empowerment. Our heart is to create a conference where you will be encouraged to thrive and experience the overwhelming depths of God's love, no matter where you are in life. We hope you will join us! Get more information here.

Small Groups

BeLoved small groups are a place where lifelong friendships are formed and where a big church becomes small and intimate. In this environment, you will experience authenticity and transparency in your walk with God. Whether it is an activity group, a parenting group, a leadership group, or a Bible study, we want you to experience "Jesus with skin." You will grow spiritually and relationally and find the support you need to win your everyday life battles as a BeLoved Woman.

ProjectLove Outreaches

As a BeLoved woman, each of us is called to make a difference in the WORLD AROUND US. Our ProjectLove outreach opportunities are where our passion to help others and our actions connect. We are created to live a life beyond ourselves. We are called to bring hope, help, and care to those in need. From the simple acts of providing cookies to encourage school teachers, to funding those trapped in human-trafficking, and providing care packages for women in need—our desire is to bless and help those hurting around us.

Michelle Nuzzo, wife of Senior Pastor John Nuzzo

Michelle shares about the struggles and blessings we all face as women. Learn how to make time for family and to enjoy life, while still building an intimate relationship with the Lord and His Word.

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