At Victory we are committed to helping you avoid some of the major pitfalls of marriage by providing instruction in this early phase. Our vision is to provide you with a solid biblical foundation on which the two of you can build after you are married.

Our premarital counseling consists mainly of establishing and encouraging the growth of proper attitudes toward marriage based on scriptural principles. We instruct couples on how to prepare and build happy, fulfilling, and successful marriages.

Thank you for your willingness to do whatever is necessary to glorify the Lord. I pray that you commit yourselves to live in harmony, delighting in each other.

May your marriage be founded on God's Word, rooted and grounded in His love.

Victory Wedding Checklist

Please take the time to review each of the steps so that all requirements for your wedding are completed.

  • All Weddings that take place at Victory Family Church must be performed by a pastoral staff member of Victory or by a pastor who has been approved by Victory Family Church.
  • You and/or your fiancée must be an active member of Victory Family Church for at least three months prior-to starting the wedding process.
  • Wedding Request Form has been completed and returned along with the $100 deposit (checks payable to "Victory") to hold your date (Note guidelines for usage of building). Your date will be listed on the church calendar as tentative until premarital classes are successfully completed.
  • Participate in the Preparing for Marriage small group. Find a small group here.
  • Complete the Premarital Financial Counseling Packet and turn in the enclosed paperwork. A financial counselor will contact you to schedule your 2 sessions.
  • Schedule a meeting with the Pastor to perform the ceremony following completion of the Premarital Classes and the 2 Financial Counseling sessions.
  • Your date confirmed on the church calendar.
  • Schedule a time with your Ceremony Director to discuss all the details for the ceremony (one month prior-to wedding is recommended.)
  • Acquire marriage license (must be submitted to Ceremony Director no later than one week prior-to the wedding rehearsal).
  • Prepare payment for the services to be given to the Ceremony Director no later-than one week prior-to the wedding rehearsal.
  • Submit the Updated Marriage Information Form so that the office has your correct information after the ceremony.


In order to schedule your event:

  • Complete and return the Wedding Request Form prior-to signing up for the premarital classes. Your date will be placed on the church calendar as tentative until all of the requirements are met.
  • You and your fiancé must attend the premarital small group, Preparing for Marriage and complete the 2 financial counseling sessions prior-to meeting with the pastor performing the ceremony. Premarital classes must be completed at least 4-6 weeks prior-to the wedding date. Upon the pastor's approval, your wedding date will be confirmed on the calendar.
  • Wedding Request Form: Information given pertaining to the bride and groom, date of the wedding, and Pastor preferred. (Note: Victory's Senior Pastor, John Nuzzo, is not available to perform weddings.) If you do not make arrangements for a specific Pastor to perform your ceremony, then one will be assigned to you.
    • The Wedding Request Form must be completed and submitted to the church office at least 6 months prior to the wedding date, along with the $100 refundable deposit.
    • Your wedding rehearsal should be tentatively scheduled at this time as well (6 months prior). Wedding rehearsals are scheduled for one hour and must begin and conclude on time.
    • Any wedding or rehearsal starting thirty minutes (or more) after the scheduled time will forfeit the $100 deposit. This is so that consideration can be given to everyone involved in making your wedding a special day.
  • Ceremony Director: The rehearsal and wedding, including music, equipment, decorations, and audio needs, will be planned with the Ceremony Director after a date has been set. All remaining fees and the marriage license are due to the Ceremony Director no later than one week prior to the wedding rehearsal.
  • A minimum of 6 months' notice is required to reserve church facilities. No weddings may be held in the church between Thanksgiving and Christmas, on Easter weekend, on a LIFE Retreat weekend, or on a Sunday. Weddings will not be scheduled on days that conflict with church events or functions. The latest time that a wedding can be scheduled on a Saturday is 1 p.m. The wedding party must vacate the building by 3 p.m. Weddings can be scheduled for Friday evenings at 5 p.m. or later.
  • Victory Family Church is under no obligation to perform any wedding ceremony, and a pastor may at his own discretion refuse to perform a wedding ceremony.
  • You may ask an outside Pastor to perform your ceremony. Ministers outside of Victory must be approved by Victory. The name and phone number of the Pastor must be provided on the Wedding Request Form. The premarital counseling sessions will be waived as it is assumed that the Pastor performing your ceremony will provide counseling (this will be verified prior-to your ceremony). Outside Pastors will need to provide the Ceremony Director and Sound Technician a copy of the ceremony notes at the rehearsal. Any special requests of the Pastor (music, video, microphone, etc.) must be clearly communicated to the Ceremony Director prior-to your rehearsal.

Preparing for Marriage

At Victory we are committed to helping you avoid some of the major pitfalls of marriage by providing instruction in the early phases of your relationship. Through our premarital small groups, we help you to establish a solid biblical foundation to build on in your marriage and to experience God in all aspects of your relationship—from your everyday decisions to your spiritual life together.

These small groups, which meet exclusively during our spring and fall semesters, instruct couples on how to prepare and build happy, successful, fulfilling marriages. Couples are encouraged to cultivate and establish the proper attitudes toward marriage based on scriptural principles. The goal is to see each couple start strong and grow stronger, together.

If you are planning to get married at Victory or to be married by a Victory Pastor you are required to participate in a premarital small group before your wedding. Victory offers two premarital small groups:

  • Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts for couples who have never been married and don’t have children. The cost of the materials for this group is $70.
  • Saving Your Second Marriage Before It Starts for couples in which one or both have previously been married. The cost of the materials for this group is $60.

Our Marriage Resource Team will register you for the appropriate small group based upon your answers to our sign-up form. Once the form is complete, you will be contacted with the upcoming small group dates and times and where to purchase your materials. Your small group materials must be purchased before the first class.

Thank you for your willingness to glorify the Lord by investing in your relationship. We pray that you commit yourselves to living in harmony, delighting in each other. May your marriage be founded on God's Word, rooted and grounded in His love.

Register for a Preparing for Marriage small group:

Find a small group


Deposit Requirements: As part of the building expenses, a $100 refundable security deposit is required to reserve a wedding date and is due when you submit the Wedding Request Form (at least 6 months prior-to your wedding). The remaining payment must be given to the Ceremony Director no later than 1 week prior-to your wedding rehearsal. This payment covers the individuals who are involved in the wedding. The security deposit will be refunded the week following your wedding, once it has been determined that the facility was maintained as stated in the guidelines of this policy. Any violation of the stated guidelines will result in the forfeit of the deposit. (*All checks made out to "Victory")

Fees for Service Held at Victory:

$70.00 Premarital Classes (approx. cost)
$100.00 Security Deposit (refunded to you following the ceremony)
$750.00 Remaining Payment (includes services & fees below)
$100.00 Sound
$150.00 Cleaning/Set up/Tear Down
$150.00 Ceremony Director
$150.00 Building Security
$200.00 Center Aisle (optional)
$920.00 TOTAL
$720.00 (without center aisle)

Honorarium for Ministers and Musicians

The people you have selected are skilled individuals who volunteer and are not compensated for their time by the church. They help make your wedding a delightful and successful occasion. These areas include premarital counseling, planning and rehearsal. Many hours are put into their callings. The suggested amount for a minister performing a ceremony or a musician is $100. Each person should be considered on an individual basis. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

Policies of Victory Family Church

  • The bridal party will be scheduled the use of the building no more than 2 hours prior to the ceremony.
  • Only the Main Entrance, on the north side of the building, will be opened for weddings. Please include this information in directing your guests to the church.
  • All rented furnishings will be the responsibility of the rental company and/or the person(s) the bride and groom assign.
  • The Ceremony Director must be notified of any rented fixtures to be brought in (arches, flowers, etc.) and arrangements scheduled for drop off and pick up of those items.
  • No nails, tape, or glue should be used to fasten any decorations to Victory Family Church furniture or building. Wrapped wire, ribbon, or plastic clips that will not mar finishes can be used to fasten bows, flowers, etc.
  • If an aisle runner is used, the sanctuary requires at least 50-feet of runner from the first step to the first seat in the second center section of seating.
  • If the bridal party includes a flower girl, fake flowers or petals must be used. All petals must be picked up following the ceremony.
  • No arrangements using water or other liquids are permitted.
  • Rice and birdseed CANNOT be used inside or outside the church facilities. As an alternative, we suggest the use of bubbles or small bells. These items are available for purchase at most craft stores. Bubbles cannot be used inside the building. All containers of bubbles must be handed to the wedding guests as they leave the facilities. DO NOT leave them where guests can pick them up inside the facilities.
  • The stage area is rented "as is" with minor adjustments that can be made. If you are bringing in an outside musician, they may use the keyboard or other instrument on the stage. You must advise your Ceremony Director.
  • Lights may not be strung in any of the plants or greenery inside or outside of the sanctuary.

Victory Family Church will provide the following items upon request:

  • Small table on stage with white skirting and cloth for communion and/or unity candle
  • Communion cup (clear goblet) and plate (silver).
  • The church has 2 candelabras that are available for use. They require 2" pillar candles (7 per candelabra) that you will need to provide if you choose to use them. Please take every precaution to protect the floor from candle wax.
  • A changing room for the bride & bridesmaids with a full-length mirror, chairs, and restrooms will be available.
  • A room for the groom & groomsmen with chairs and close access to restrooms will be available.

It is the responsibility of the couple to provide the communion elements, guestbook, pen, unity candle, and any other items needed for the ceremony.